Hey Connecticut Parents, You’re Now Going to Have PAID Family Leave!

Paid family leave is coming!

Today I had the honor of attending the bill signing for Connecticut’s new paid family leave law. In what feels like a past life (but is really just a past job), I co-chaired the Campaign for Paid Family Leave with my dear friend Catherine. Being part of that campaign is one of the highlights of

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Why Paid Family Leave is Important to Me

I recently came across Scary Mommy’s article 6 Reasons The Family Medical Leave Act is Bullshit and, man, did it resonate.  I’m a happy mom of 3 thriving children.  Life is crazy, but manageable. I’ve never really resented being a working mom…that is, except for when it comes to the few first precious months of my

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Parenting In a Hurry: Three Tips to Save You Time and Make Life Awesome

I volunteered to take Kriste’s weekly post today, because she had a schedule snafu, and why not?  Help a mom and blogger out, that’s what we’re all about. Only problem is that I’m a bit short on time myself.  Blogging during the middle of the workday is hard, because, you know, work.  But then, blogging

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When the Tables are Turned: Employment Law Tips for Mompreneurs and Women-Owned Businesses

Blogs and other media geared toward an audience of pregnant women and first-time moms tend to make the general assumption that working moms are employees.  But what if you’re the boss?  If you run a business and have employees on your payroll, particularly if you are a small business owner or have just made your

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Is it Discrimination? Pregnancy, Parenthood and Your Rights in the Workplace

  Although my practice is now focused on special education matters, I still get plenty of employment law questions these days, as is evident from the many comments I am still getting on my FMLA post.  From time to time, an employee will ask me if something that was said or done in their workplace

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Need to Know: Demystifying the FMLA and Maternity Leave

As a labor and employment law attorney (among other things), I get a lot of questions from moms-to-be about their rights in the workplace, particularly those pertaining to maternity leave. As it turns out, there are a lot of misperceptions floating around about the federal Family and Medical Leave Act or “FMLA,” including whether it

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