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The Language Barrier

These days, most of my time is divided between wishing my toddler would talk more, and silently willing nearly everyone else to shut the f*ck up.  You see, my beautiful, bright, sweet little boy has a speech delay – which, while both common and curable, is not without its own set of trials and tribulations. 

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The Age of Frustration

The first few years of a child’s life are generally associated with fresh little nicknames: Terrible Twos, Threenagers, Effing Fours. But somewhere between those threes and those fours lies a dark, dark place confusing stage. All I can do is sit back and watch while this sweet little girl in a tutu is trying to figure

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I Hate You. I Want a Glass of Milk. Throw My Sister in the Trash.

Sometimes being a mom feels so good. There are so many great hugs and kisses. There are so many kind words. There are even tender moments between siblings every once in a while too. Sometimes being a mom is so tough. I feel so totally out of control right now. There are so many things

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