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Family Ski Weekend, courtesy of El Nino

I write this from a Vermont mountainside condo. The steep slopes, which should be covered in lovely white snow and peppered with skiers, are strips of brown grass. A chilly rain and dense cloud cover set a gloomy mood. The chair lifts are stationery, the parking lot nearly vacant. It’s a resort ghost town in

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It came without ribbons. It came without tags.

It came without packages, boxes or bags. Last Christmas I was 8 months pregnant, Jack was 2 ½ and Christmas was pure chaos.  I was a swollen, miserable, waddling pregnant lady, and Jack was an over-stimulated, overwhelmed toddler which did not combine well.  My son had so many gifts that he stopped looking at them. He ripped open each one

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How I Learned to “Be Present”

  Appreciate the little things. Time flies.  Know what’s really important. Keep things in perspective. Be present. I read blog post after blog post on these topics and every time I smile and nod in agreement. “Yes! Such an important message!” Then I turn my head away from my kids and go back to scrolling

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