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Awkward Family Photos

Ever since my second son was born at the beginning of this year, I’ve been dying to get professional family photos taken. You know the ones I’m talking about: Mom, Dad, and kids all in classically generic poses, beaming at the camera, dressed embarrassingly alike. Yeah, I wanted that, in all of its cheesy glory.

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Finding the Funny

Caroline is three. If you have, or have had, or have possibly even come in contact with a three-year-old, you know they can be, um, challenging. There’s the why? Why? Why?’s, the Jekyll and Hyde mood swings, and the über annoying, even dreaded tantrums – watch out for the spinning head and projectile green pea

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Thrifty Thursday: Make Your Own Fortune Cookies

When I came across the recipe for making your own fortune cookies, well…let’s just say I was pretty excited! Whenever we order chinese food, my daughter loves to crack open the fortune cookies after we finish our meal and read the fortunes together. Not only is this Thrifty Thursday project fun to do with your kiddos (at pretty much any

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