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A baby in time for…which holiday?

Almost exactly a year ago, my husband and I were at just about our lowest of lows of our infertility story.  We had recently learned about my husband’s abysmal sperm count and were continuing testing for him. The term “IVF” was being thrown around, and I was devastated.  I remember going to the urologist with

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Non-stress test baby bonding

When I learned I would need extra doctors’ appointments and monitoring due to my gestational diabetes diagnosis, most everyone, including those same doctors, rolled their eyes or scrunched their noses, saying what a nuisance they would be.  I need periodic appointments with the diabetes nurses and dieticians, not to mention twice-weekly phone calls to discuss

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Gestational diabetes: a follow-up

It’s amazing the difference a week makes.   Last week’s post was full of brand-new emotion, not very much information and, yes, a total pity party for myself.  Sorry, guys, for the whining.   This week, I’m feeling much better about my gestational diabetes diagnosis because knowledge is power, people!  And, I’m one of those

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