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My Healthier and Happier New Year

As you all know, it’s that time of year again. The gyms are packed, shopping carts are filled with healthy food, and there’s lots of talk of New Year’s resolutions. Ahhh New Year’s Resolutions. That thing I never followed through with. EVER. Things are a little different for me this year. The only resolution I

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The Sacrifices We Make For Our Kids, or “How I Undid the Dew”

When we have kids, we make sacrifices, lots of them.  Sleep, for sure.  Alone time.  Romantic time with our partners.  Privacy.  Personal hygiene.  The ability to eat food while it’s still hot.  Adult conversation.  ANY conversation that doesn’t involve the word “poop.” Sometimes the sacrifices are bigger.  Our careers.  Our sense of self.  Our addiction

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