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My three favorite baby shower gifts I didn’t know I wanted

Our friends and family were very kind and generous when it came to my baby shower. The shower itself was a beautiful, birdie-themed event, lovingly and thoughtfully hosted by the Aunties and Grandmas. They seriously left no detail out, and much of what decorated the shower ended up decorating our nursery because it was so

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True Confession: I Forgot My Kid’s Birthday

From the outset, I feel the need to defend myself a bit here.  Depending on your interpretation, that title above is either an exaggeration or dead on. Both of my kids have summer birthdays that are not quite comfortable enough to squeeze together into one celebration, but not far enough apart, in my opinion, to

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The Gift Card Grab Bag, and Other Holiday Fails.

I always espoused the view that Christmas should not be about the gifts you get or how much money you spend on others, but about family and togetherness and those important things in life.  But in recent times, despite how hard my family tries to focus on “the important things,” it seems like we are

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