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If I Had a Million Dollars…

Every once in a while, when I have insomnia, I think about what I would do if I had a million dollars (I know this isn’t considered a lot of money in 2013, but, like Dr. Evil, to me it still is). So when I think about this, an interesting thing happens. I realize how little

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Managing Your Mother-in-Law

Ladies, I know how hard it is to deal with your Mother-in-Law. I’ve had one and I am one. This qualifies me as an expert. So she’s in your family but she’s not of your blood. She cooks things your partner likes but you hate. Maybe she plays favorites among her children, and your spouse isn’t the

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The Cast of Characters, plus Grandparent Ruminations

My younger son is engaged!  So exciting.  I’ve been writing for CTWORKINGMOMS.COM for over a month now, and I realized that with the addition of a future daughter-in-law, I need to clarify the cast of characters going forward.  I don’t want to use their real names – they didn’t ask to be part of my

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