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The World Could Use More Nonnas

My 90-year-old grandmother, Nonna, is the kindest person I have ever known. The world would be a more peaceful, beautiful place if everyone had a Nonna to teach them about selfless love and compassion. Despite the ugliness she saw, Nonna decided to cultivate beauty. Here is a piece of her story…

Parenting Comes Full Circle

Parenthood has been peppered with tons of opportunities for introspection and growth. I’ve had some pretty powerful experiences that have flowered out of relatively ordinary situations; experiences that have allowed me to step back and gain a different perspective. And these opportunities are more common than I think I was originally aware of — the

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A Mother’s Day Tribute To My Grammie

I’ve been lucky enough to have some wonderful mother figures, in addition to my own mom, who have helped guide me on my journey through life. One of the most influential of these women was my maternal grandmother, Beverly, affectionately called Grammie by her 8 grandchildren. She taught me so much during our 27 years together

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Telling my grandmother I’m pregnant, again for the first time

“Gena, do you have something to tellllll meeeeee?” my grandmother asks through the phone, drawing out the end of the sentence as if to tease me. Of course, I know where she’s going with this question. “Nanny, I’m pregnant!” I say. “How come you didn’t tell me!” she asks, slightly teasing, but slightly confused.  I

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My Mom is Awesome, But My Grandmother is Awesomer! (yep, new word)

My mother is an amazing woman. She was among the first to graduate from Johns Hopkins’ nurse practitioner program, she earned her master’s degree while in her late 40’s, and, for more than 25 years, she ran a highly regarded clinic for children with genetic diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Her research has been

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The Cast of Characters, plus Grandparent Ruminations

My younger son is engaged!  So exciting.  I’ve been writing for CTWORKINGMOMS.COM for over a month now, and I realized that with the addition of a future daughter-in-law, I need to clarify the cast of characters going forward.  I don’t want to use their real names – they didn’t ask to be part of my

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