Hear me out.

My internal battle of I-don’t-feel-like-having-this-conversation-for-the-seventeenth time vs. these-kids-need-you-to-show-up is a rager. For the last thirteen years my days seem like an unrelenting game of whack a mole. Once upon a time, the game’s objective was to tie the shoelaces of three kids that don’t want to stop running around before school or playing the role… Read More Hear me out.

It All Comes Down to Family

Last night, as I was cooking dinner, my mind wandered onto thoughts of my grandmother as it often does. I started thinking about how full her life has been. She worked. She owned a business. She raised a family. She is an amazing friend. She was involved in politics. She served the town in various capacities, etc., and yet, at the end of every day, the thing that she feels pressed to do is cook dinner for “the kids.” … Read More It All Comes Down to Family