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Changing my Mindset

Despite everything going on in the world, this has been a pretty decent year for me.  And if it hasn’t for you, let me share with you the difference and we’ll see if helps you make 2017 a pretty decent one for you. It started with something I’ve been working on professionally.  The point is to

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Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

Dear Self at… Age 2: You’re so proud that mommy hung that ornament you made.  It’ll be a few more years before you realize she hung it on the back of the tree.  Don’t judge – 30 years from now, you’ll be throwing away your kids’ artwork when they aren’t looking. Age 5: Your kindergarten teacher IS

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Mompreneur Confession: I’m Haunted By My Parents’ Business Failures

  People always seem surprised to learn that I grew up without money, or at least without much of it.  I don’t know for certain if this is the reason why, but it occurs to me that neither of my parents ever had any semblance of what you could call a career.  Sure, they worked,

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