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Things NOT to Say to a Working Mom

For the most part, I enjoy being a work-outside-of-the-home mom.  I am satisfied with my career.  It may not be my ultimate dream job but until someone will pay me to eat food and read books (preferably in a tropical climate), it is just fine.  There have been a few times though when someone made a comment with

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Another Dreaded Well-Visit

Call me crazy, but very little in motherhood stresses me out more than a well-baby visit to the pediatrician.  My daughter just had her 15-month appointment, which means that I have sweated through approximately 47 of these thus far.  Part of the problem is that my girl inexplicably screams through the entire thing.  This time, we

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Why I am Relieved World Breastfeeding Week is Over

I swear I started writing this during World Breastfeeding Week, but for a variety of reasons didn’t finish. I debated whether to even post this, being that we’ve likely reached our limit on boobie stories. But then I thought, everyone has a different experience with feeding their newborn, and as much as you may have

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