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My Healthier and Happier New Year

As you all know, it’s that time of year again. The gyms are packed, shopping carts are filled with healthy food, and there’s lots of talk of New Year’s resolutions. Ahhh New Year’s Resolutions. That thing I never followed through with. EVER. Things are a little different for me this year. The only resolution I

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“Write about how much you hate your life and how everything sucks.”

I was out on this beautiful fall Sunday taking a rare walk with my husband and daughter when, thinking aloud, I said, “I have no idea what to blog about this week.”  My husband, only half joking, replied, “Write about how much you hate your life and how everything sucks.”  And so, in the absence

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The Secret to Happiness?

I promise not to let my happiness grow or dissipate by external things. I will hold myself accountable when I say “I’m happy BECAUSE I have THIS” or “I’m happy BECAUSE I accomplished THAT.” I promise myself and my kids that together we will learn that happiness doesn’t come from things turning out the way we want, or the things we get to have, it comes from us.

What I Want for My Kids: Don’t Be Like Me

A growing body of research suggests that you can either have a happy life or an interesting life, but that you can’t have both.  In other words, the choices you make in life may lead to interesting and enriching experiences that you are glad to have, but these choices typically entail frustration and challenges (having

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