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Yes, you are totally unprepared for parenthood. Have your kids anyway.

  I have been blogging for the past year about being a mompreneur, lawyer-style.  Solo lawpreneur with a touch of mom, if you will.  For all of you people who are audibly “ughhh!”-ing right now, because you absolutely detest these cutesy titles I’m always working into my posts, well, if you’re still reading my stuff

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A Letter to My Younger Sister: The Amazing and Horrible Truth About Becoming a Mother

My sister is in town from Chicago this week, for a last visit to Connecticut before moving to California to take a tenure-track assistant professor position.  She is dissertating (is that a verb?) this summer to get her Ph.D. in political science.  She is 29, and I am 34.  At 29, I was getting married

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