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Cleaner Living: Toxin #1- Phthalates

Phthalates(pronounced “thalates”) are plastisizers used to soften plastic (primarily PVC) and add flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity.  It is also a known hormone disruptor. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics cites that phthalates have been shown in studies to disrupt key hormone developments in boys and alter the normal development of the sex organs.  It has been shown in studies

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Cleaner Living: Learn a Toxin a Day to Keep the Doctor Away

Understanding what toxins may be lurking  in products we use on ourselves and our families and what alternatives are out there either in the store or in your kitchen cabinet are important for Working Moms to know for several reasons: Companies care about a bottom line, not necessarily your family.  So to save time and/or

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Arsenic and….Apple Juice?

Picture is from this website There’s been a lot of talk about apple juice lately as Consumer Reports/Dr. Oz both have done an expose’ on the arsenic (and lead!) levels found in samples of bottled or boxed apple (and grape) juices. Here’s the lowdown: – Arsenic is a naturally occurring element.  It is abundant in

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