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Dinner Wars

I have been doing this mom thing for almost eight years now, and yet up until very recently, I struggled with dinner time. And when I say “struggle” I’m talking about every aspect…   …from what I make (and kids don’t eat).   … to the time of day (the kids are never hungry at

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Coffee and Wine and Me

I am definitely one of those working mothers who lives on coffee and wine. You know the ones I mean. The ones who post coffee memes on their Facebook. The ones who use the emoji of a wine glass after any stressful statement they may text or post on social media. The ones who can’t seem to manage their busy lives without a cup of coffee in their hand and glass of wine to wind down at night. That is me. Well, it was me.

The Drama of Healthy Lunches

Have you been following the news about school lunches lately? Yikes. The drama! As federal guidelines continue to be tweaked, requiring more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, there’s been more than a little push back from parents, schools, and foodservice companies that manage school cafeterias. I, for one, don’t see what the big deal really is.

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