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When the Advocate Needs an Advocate

Back in March I posted about Gavin’s win against our insurance company in the battle for his adaptive stander.  I am still in shock that it took us a year, numerous internal appeals and an external appeal to get it approved. But it also left me feeling worried and nervous if that would happen for

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Look For the Helpers

I grew up in a small Southern New Hampshire town about 45 minutes from Boston, MA.  Growing up, I would travel with my family into Boston often, whether for a day trip to the Children’s Museum, the Aquarium, or just to get a cannoli in the North End.  In college in NY, many fellow students

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But You Don’t NEED a Cleaning Lady

On an average day I wake up and realize I am already late for everything I need to do for the day. Rush to get the children out of bed and ready to drop off at school/daycare. The process of getting out the door with three kids all ages four and under isn’t as easy

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