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Will Run for Pie: Our Family’s Manchester Road Race Tradition

Running is a big part of my life, and one factor that makes it so integral is the family of runners that surround me. I grew up spending Thanksgiving morning in the Manchester Road Race. The first year included my mom, dad, sister, uncle, and grandma. Some of us ran, some walked, and some ran-walked the

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The Holiday Season is Tough for Those With Eating Disorders and Food Struggles

I have a struggle with food. Sugar addiction, compulsive overeating, yep, hi, that’s me. If you too have a struggle with food maybe the title of my post grabbed you. It’s so true isn’t it? The holidays are a hard time for most people because of the abundance of delicious meals and treats but I

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Craft Projects that Rock

My daughter has been learning about rocks and minerals in her preschool class which got me thinking about the rocks I’ve had saved for quite some time now. Some were rocks from our yard, some we picked up while on vacation, and others actually came in a bag at my local dollar store. These treasures had been collecting

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