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Five for Friday: Five Truths About Working From Home with Kids

  1.       The title of this post is a lie, because you are not really getting work done at home, with kids. Every so often, a mom glowingly tells me how great it is to have a flexible employment situation, or to work for herself, so that she can jump on the computer while her

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The Risks and Rewards of Parenting

I read somewhere recently that most of us make decisions based on emotion, despite how we may try to convince ourselves of the inherent logic of our choices. It’s the reason why you tell yourself you are spending more money for the better quality of the premium brand cereal, when in reality the generic brand

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Start Small, Stay Small? Solopreneur Moms and the Benefits of a Home Law Office

So I’m about two months into the solo law practice, work-at-home mom gig.  I have some billable work as well as a couple upcoming seminars (one of which is tomorrow – eek!), and things are actually happening for me, which is really great.  And at the same time, a bit challenging. Everything is sort of

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