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Eviction Notice

Removal of object unknown from privately owned liver. NOTICE TO QUIT Under instructions from the owner, Lilia Gomez, the mass situated at the left lower lobe of her liver (Tumor Unknown) is hereby given notice to vacate and NOT TO RETURN. The period of that notice being 6-7 hours from the service of this document. Date: October

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Sick Day Readiness: A Guide

Well, we are nearly a full week into November, and already, the seasonal illnesses have reared their ugly heads in my house. In the past two weeks, my kids have battled croup, a bronchial infection, and a double ear infection. They’ve taken turns being miserable (see above sad photo!) and I haven’t slept well in approximately

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Time to Pack Your Bags! No you’re NOT going on a vacation – You’re having a baby!

 On the weekends we throwback to older but still awesome posts.  This post was originally published in April of 2012. Packing a hospital bag is important for not only the mom-to-be, but for the person’s labor partner as well. Who wants to travel back and forth from the hospital to the house when you can

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