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Keeping Score

You know what I need to avoid? Stuff that makes me feel all resentful and annoyed. You know what makes me feel all resentful and annoyed? Keeping score. But yet, sometimes, I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF. GAH! Why can’t my husband just put his dirty glass in the sink instead of right. near. the. sink?

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Sunday Night Freak Out

“Come sit down and relax. We’ll put the dishes away / pack tomorrow’s lunch / clean the kitchen / fill-in-the-blank-task later”, yells my husband (who is sitting down and relaxing) from the livingroom. “Oh, WE will?” I think, in my snarkiest tone. “It’s Sunday night! We’re back to work tomorrow!” How on Earth is he

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Working Moms Time Management – or Lack of?

As the days begin to get shorter I am questioning how on earth am I supposed to fit it all into one day anymore. Okay maybe Im just getting sad  that it will be dark  by the time I cross the threshold  into my house for the next several months! Many of you know I

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