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This week I read John Kinnear’s blog post “The 10 Toddler Words I’ll Miss the Most.” Between tears of laughter, his words really hit home; my daughter is too at the stage where her vocabulary is growing every day, but sometimes her dad and I wonder if she’ll ever truly learn English or if she’ll

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The Last Time

We’ve been having some great conversations over on our secret blogger Facebook page. Not only about Ben Affleck, but also about this Huffington Post Parents article. Christa posted it just as an FYI, and I’m really glad she did because it made me slow down a bit. I’ve talked before about the internal struggle I have with

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A Different Spin on the First Day of School

This week Epilepsy stole a memory from me. I know that happens to people with Epilepsy all the time, but as someone who does not have Epilepsy, this was the first time I’ve had to deal with it. It stole my memory of the first day of school for Max. Maybe not stole, but definitely

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