What if?

I spent the better part of seventy-two hours over this past weekend wondering if I was pregnant. I know.  I know.  The same girl who, for months, has been blogging about her journey to IVF; for whom a natural pregnancy would be a near-miracle.  I know. But, almost two weeks ago, I had blood work… Read More What if?

“How do you take your coffee?” and other obstacles overcome at the IVF info session

As you may remember from last week’s post, my husband and I recently attended an information session for those beginning the IVF process. I think the first true test of our willingness to do IVF was trying to find the info session.  When we scheduled the appointment, we were told where at the hospital to… Read More “How do you take your coffee?” and other obstacles overcome at the IVF info session

Baby? Maybe.

Two weeks ago, we got the phone call giving us the green light to move ahead with the IVF process.  Huge, right?  This week, we’ll attend an IVF info session, and we’ll  hopefully begin discussing the details with our fertility doctor at an appointment later in the month. In the meantime, I’ve decided to start… Read More Baby? Maybe.

Baby on the brain

These days, it seems every decision I make centers around our hypothetical, unborn, not-yet conceived children. The house we’re looking to buy:  How many bedrooms does it have?  What is the backyard like?  How good is the town’s school system? Before we learned we were having trouble conceiving, I went as far as buying loose, flowy… Read More Baby on the brain

A whole new world.

I’ve never been much for message boards.  I tried my hardest to follow along with the other “knotties” on theknot.com when I was getting married, but I found it too overwhelming.  Do we really have to abbreviate everything when we’re discussing our nuptials?  I’m sorry, but I always thought BM meant something entirely different than… Read More A whole new world.