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“And Now for Something Completely Different”: Working Moms In the Age of Online Entrepreneurship

Big, big changes are happening in the Dunn household this spring. It’s best not to dump those details here, but the essential points are: (1) I’m going to be severely limited in my ability to work with my special education law clients this year, but (2) there’s a burgeoning business opportunity I will be able to harness this

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Thrifty Thursday: Instagram Decor

Ok, raise your hand if you are as obsessed with Instagram as I am. I’m a self-proclaimed photographer who stives to capture every interesting moment in film. There is usually not a day that goes by that I don’t snap at least one picture (or fifty). I love my camera but because it’s so bulky I only have it with me

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Parenting on Facebook and Instagram

You know that phrase on your car’s rear view mirrors?  “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”  That’s how I feel about parenting on Facebook and Instagram.  Status updates and pictures posted on Instagram are not always what they appear…  News feeds on Facebook profiles everywhere are cluttered with status updates by parents proclaiming, “Annabelle ate an entire plate

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