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Choosing Kindness in our Interactions

Like most of us, before I had kids of my own, I had all the answers. I was blissfully naive, if we’re putting it nicely, or hopelessly clueless, if we’re being real here. I was very confident that I knew everything there was to know about having and raising children. Coming into parenthood from teaching, I had

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Doing Acts of Kindness…Anonymously

There’s a really neat trend currently going around to honor the 26 victims of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School – I think Ann Curry proposed it shortly after the shootings occurred last year. As the first year anniversary of the horrible event approaches, this trend has regained some momentum and we are seeing (at

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Teaching My Children the Strength of Practicing Kindness

I was going to write about my three-year-old’s experience this week starting pre-k in a brand new school, but this story prompted me to write about something else instead.  Sadly, although back-to-school season is a time that kids of all ages look forward to with great excitement, some kids dread this time of year, because it’s a

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