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You’ve come a long way, Baby

Four years ago today, a tiny baby boy with an incongruously long name made me a mommy. 

A date with death

I have a date with death: April 3, 2017.  It’s not as ominous as it sounds, though – in fact I think it’s going to be a wonderful day.  This will be my first day as a hospice nurse. Early into my maternity clinical rotation at NYU, I decided I should be a Labor and Delivery RN.  Having

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My daughter’s birth story, in honor of her first birthday

On the day my daughter was born, my bladder woke me just after 5:00 am.  I was alone in bed; my lawnmower-caliber snoring had driven my husband away again.  I was still over two weeks from my due date and not yet feeling any urgency about having my baby or feeling “done” with pregnancy.  My urgency

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Five for Friday: Top Five Misconceptions About Women Who Have Homebirths

  My second “baby” turned two years old the other day. At this point in my parenting adventures, as I get further away from the last time I gave birth, I’m getting fewer questions about my homebirth experiences. But every so often, the topic does come up. I recently had bloodwork done, which I absolutely

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New London, Labor Day: National Rally for Change!

This flyer is for the local (New London) rally taking place on Labor Day next week as part of a national event, the National Rally for Change, seeking to raise awareness about the need for evidence-based maternity care and birth practices in our hospitals.  Brandy Lewis is a local doula who is spearheading Connecticut’s contribution to

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