3.1 Life Lessons

I recently ran my first 5k. This has been a goal of mine for some time now, and I have finally accomplished it. For me, running that race was SO much more than that. There were valuable life lessons that were reaffirmed for me not only that day, but also during my journey spent getting to that point. Lessons… Read More 3.1 Life Lessons

Grown Ups

More often than not I don’t feel like a “grown up”. I’m not even sure that I know what that term really means, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never really felt mature. I’ve become especially aware of this since I had a child and since spending more time with other women / moms. I have… Read More Grown Ups


Something wonderful is happening in this era of my life. I have been undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts. The caterpillar inside of me is breaking out of its cocoon and spreading its beautiful butterfly wings. Cheesy metaphor, I know, but please bear with me. It seems like just yesterday I was writing this post about… Read More Metamorphosis