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Brimming with potential

Every mother is convinced her child is exceptional.  The difference between me and other mothers, however, is that I have supporting data to back it up. 

Shove your f***ing orange socks!

It started out innocently enough.  We had a playdate with a few kids and moms I’d been wanting to see at the trampoline park Lili had been aching to go to. Almost two months to the day of her liver surgery, she’d just gotten full clearance to return to normal activity, so after eight weeks

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Toddler underwear is bullshit

“What a cute little boy!” says an unfamiliar voice behind me in the cereal isle.  I turn to see an older woman peering into my baby carriage. “Thank you!” I beam, “She’s actually a girl.  Not that it matters.”  The woman looks confused and gestures toward the baby, who is wearing striped pajamas. “Oh, I’m

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Ninja Mom Secrets: Assorted Tricks for Making Life Run More Smoothly

All moms have tricks. Short cuts. Sanity savers. Things that are simple, yet genius, and could just possibly make your life, or at least day, a bit less stressful. I’ve gathered a few of mine to share with you today. I’d love to hear your secrets for tackling the struggles of everyday life with your

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