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Finding Joy in the Present

My family and I recently returned from our annual summer vacation in Maine. It was filled with all the wonderful things vacations can bring – fun, relaxation, yummy food – but there was also a subtle reminder to find joy in the present and to simply cherish the here and now. This sweet reminder came from my three year old

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Distracted Parenting And How “Unplugging” Is Helping My Family

Something pretty amazing is happening at my house. My husband and I began making a conscious effort to set aside time to “unplug” from technology and spend more quality time as a family. The TV is off, cell phones are out of reach, and there’s no computer or iPad use going on during this time.

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3 Major Ways Parenting Has Changed Since The 80’s

I am 30 years old. It wasn’t that long ago I was living in the 80’s and enjoying my childhood in all its carefree, Tina Turner, high-top sneakers and voluminous hair-sprayed bangs, glory. At least it doesn’t feel like that long ago. Now with 2 young children of my own I have become much more aware

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