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Who lives, who dies, who tells your story

The Hamilton soundtrack has been in heavy rotation in our house for several months now, partly in preparation for a planned Broadway adventure on Lili’s upcoming birthday – but mostly because it’s awesome.  Lili digs the varied genres of music incorporated into the score, I enjoy the history and creative wordplay.  Two songs have felt

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Ladybug of Love

Twenty years ago, I walked into dog rescue quite literally by accident.  While home from France for the winter holidays, I went with my bestie Carey to the Connecticut Humane Society to help search for her first dog. Initially reluctant to join her, I thought seeing all the undeservingly homeless dogs would break my heart. Which, predictably, it

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A Break With Tradition

My father-in-law passed away in March and this is our first Thanksgiving without him. Thanksgiving was “his” holiday.  He loved it above any other (although 4th of July was a close second).  When J and I became “serious” about each other and started spending holidays together, Thanksgiving went to his family and we spent Christmas

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