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Mom Blogger Confession: I Don’t Read Other Parenting Blogs

I feel like I should, by virtue of the fact that I, myself, am a mom blogger. But I don’t read other mom blogs, or dad blogs. Really, I’m slowly losing interest in reading on the interwebs about random people’s parenting experiences, for reasons that, until now, I haven’t really thought that hard about. Contrasting

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Five Things You Learn When Appearing on the TODAY Show to Discuss Post-Baby Body Image

  In case you missed it, here’s the clip of me from earlier in the week, talking about our bodies after giving birth.  If you’re like me and actually hate clicking on videos (my brain is less patient without the written word as a visual stimulus), the spot can be summarized thusly:  love your body

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New Moon Girls

If you are like me, you may like the occasional indulgence in magazines such as Cosmo and People.  However, I often find myself looking at the (few) articles that promote female empowerment (whether career-related, or about body image) with a mixed bag of emotions.  While these articles are encouraging (and needed) they are usually buried beneath mounds

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