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Tuning out

When I was growing up (for the record, I cannot believe I’m old enough to begin a sentence with those words!!), we didn’t have cell phones.  Not, like, kids didn’t have them.  Nobody had them, as they had not yet been invented.  The best chance of tracking down doctors, or spouses kept on short leashes,

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Turning 30: A Time of Reflection

People who know me know that I love my birthday. My mom tells me I’ve been like this my whole life; having countdowns that would begin not weeks, but months ahead of time. Lately, I feel like I’m reverting back to my childhood with starting a three-month countdown to this particular birthday but, I mean, it’s

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The Last Time

We’ve been having some great conversations over on our secret blogger Facebook page. Not only about Ben Affleck, but also about this Huffington Post Parents article. Christa posted it just as an FYI, and I’m really glad she did because it made me slow down a bit. I’ve talked before about the internal struggle I have with

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