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Confessions of a Working Mother Home on Summer Break

As an educator, I am given the somewhat unique opportunity to identify as both a working parent and a stay-at-home parent. For about two months every year, I get to put away my working mother shoes and step into the shoes (usually flip flops) of a stay-at-home parent.  Granted, the life of a stay-at-home parent

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Four (more) Reasons You’re a Good Mother

Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve been slacking in the “good mom” department.  I feel overwhelmed and stressed and pulled in too many directions at the same time.  And, after talking with some of my fellow moms, apparently I’m not alone in feeling this way.  Last year I wrote about why you are a good

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Looking Back on Six Years of Parenting Choices

A few days ago, my six-year-old son was rifling through my closet in an effort to further procrastinate putting on his clothes and getting ready for school. He pulled out an appointment card from an old purse and handed it to me: it was a reminder card for his own two week check up, back in 2008. It suddenly

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