Mom Guilt

What was I doing with my time pre-child? No, really. What on earth was I doing with my time? Because I must have had a lot of free time. Why wasn’t I super-skilled and uber-talented in some cool skill or cut like a diamond from all of my time spent at the gym by the time I… Read More Mom Guilt

Can we please discuss “Safety Toes” for a minute?

The other day, I realized I’d been stuffing my nearly two-year-old’s feet into over-stretched 6-12 month infant socks. Oops. With two kids, tons of job applications, numerous volunteer “jobs”, and a new kitten…things get, ahem, overlooked. But I digress. While out shopping, I made amends by letting him pick out whichever socks he’d like to… Read More Can we please discuss “Safety Toes” for a minute?

Wisdom Wednesday

Displaying Children’s Artwork: It’s more important than you might think! Like many other 3 year olds, Nate constantly gives me his artwork. He’s still not quite intentionally choosing what he wants to draw (i.e., he’s still pretty much in the “scribbling stage” and not quite in the “pre-schematic stage”, which children typically enter around this… Read More Wisdom Wednesday