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Things I am Purging from my Closet

//giphy.com/embed/BlyDS4EEfApEs?html5=true via GIPHY Judging from the barrage of coupons, ads, and email alerts that have flooded my home this past week, it’s becoming clear that school is around the corner. My kids may not want to face it, but at some point in the next month, they will need to resume wearing regular clothing. Shoes, socks,

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Wardrobe Crisis: What am I supposed to wear?

  I used to love to shop. For clothes. For me. I shopped sales, I sometimes splurged on fancy things, and I had to seriously keep myself in check when hitting our local outlet malls so I’d still have money left for monthly bills. If you sent 10-years-ago me a picture of me now…she would probably wonder what

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