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Dear Struggling Mom, It’s OK to Hate This

The expectation versus the reality of having children is wildly different. Every stage is a challenge and nothing at all like you imagined. Above all, it’s harder than you ever expected. There are so many parts of motherhood that just plain suck, and it’s ok to hate them.

Confession of a Working Mother: I Can Do It All…But I Cannot Do It All Well

I have been a working mother for over thirteen years.  Over these years I have always worked more than full time since I have both a full-time career and an additional part-time job. Despite working at least fifty (and sometimes closer to sixty) hours each week, during these parenting years I have also earned an

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Reasons Why I Suck as a Mom (According to my Children)

Sunday mornings are, unfortunately, not as relaxing as I would like around my home. Because I chose to raise my children Catholic, most Sundays I’m faced with dragging myself and my children out of bed and heading off to church for mass before leaving them all in their religious education classes for the rest of

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5 Things I Swore I Would Never Do as a Parent (But do all the Time)

I had a very specific vision of the type of parent I wanted to be. And then I became a parent and was smacked in the face with reality. I still have the same basic core values and I won’t budge on those. But then there’s everything else. I will be the first to admit,

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Things I Previously Judged Other Moms for…That I Now Have Done Myself

Oh karma – you fickle friend you.  Okay, so, confession: I used to be a little judgy.  I didn’t actually realize how judgy I was being until I had some hindsight to look back on it, but yeah, I have been known to give a side eye or two at certain times… Not to worry,

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Confessions of a Tired, Busy, Working Mom

In celebration of the upcoming Moms for Moms Day on March 4th I’ve decided to offer up some momfessions for you all. I’m hoping that many of you might be able to relate to some of these and share some momfessions of your own with us. Judgment-free zone, right mommas? Well, here goes… 1. I used

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