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The Mom Club

Moms share an unspoken bond. You see it in the sympathetic look at your tantruming child in the middle of the store or the smile across the room at a restaurant. I’m a mom, you’re a mom; there’s something oddly comforting about simply having other mothers nearby, even when they’re complete strangers. I experienced this

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What I’d go back and tell first-time-mom me

As a first time mom, in my child’s first year of life, I worried about my daughter’s development, eating habits and sleeping schedule. With hindsight being 20/20 and all, I now have perspective more than a year removed, especially after accepting that there’s no one right way to parent. Here’s what I’d go back and

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End The Mommy Wars [Special Photo Edition]

A few years ago, in true CTWM’s fashion, we decided that we wanted to do something to tackle a topic that makes our skin crawl – the mommy wars. Cause seriously people, the world needs more love and less judgment. Personally I think the mommy wars were created by the media as a way to

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