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Top Three Reasons I Am Winning at Parenting and In Life Today.

Sometimes you wake up, start your day, and just feel like everything suddenly clicks.  This happens almost never for me.  But it happened to me today.  If I could, I would bottle up and sell the magic that allowed my morning to unfold nearly seamlessly for once.  Let me explain: (1)  I managed to wake

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Failing Kindergarten!

This has been a great school year for my older daughter, who turned five last summer and was super excited to start kindergarten at the magnet school where she has attended preschool for the past two years. She has made new friends, learned to read, and become more confident socially. She gets pulled out of

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I Cannot Emphasize Enough How Much Your Life Will Change with a Mother’s Helper

That moment when you smack your head after realizing that you could have saved yourself literally years of agony if you had only decided long, long ago to have someone come to your house in the morning to help get the kids ready for school, amirite? If you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing this

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