Musical Prozac

We all have our “moments of doubt and pain.”  I have found that music can lift my spirits like nothing else — enough to make it through the day, and sometimes the week, until the crisis passes or higher authorities are summoned. Even if you feel as though “no pill’s gonna cure my ill,” I’m… Read More Musical Prozac

Music for My Girls

My four-year-old loves to make up songs and knows all the lyrics and track numbers for her favorite CD. My 18-month-old loves dancing and she’s got some great moves already. When the music in the car stops between songs, she starts whining, “more, more!” I feel so lucky to have a husband who is able… Read More Music for My Girls

If You're Not

Back in the day I used to go to a lot of concerts. I still keep an eye on the tour schedules of my favorite bands and take note when they come to CT, but usually never actually make it out. So, I was aware that my favorite little folksinger was going to be here… Read More If You're Not