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New Tunes for Your Christmas Playlist

I loooove Christmas music.  My holiday CD collection (yes, I still own CDs) is on heavy rotation right after Thanksgiving and throughout the entire month of December.  There’s nothing that takes me back to my childhood faster than Perry Como, Nat King Cole, or Bing Crosby crooning a holiday tune.  But my collection includes more

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High School Throwback: Melanie

It looks like mine will be the final installment in High School Throwback week.  I still haven’t gotten caught up in reading everyone else’s posts, but so far they look great, judging from the photos.  Unfortunately, I don’t have in my possession any high school photos, and I didn’t have time to ask around for

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Important Things I Taught My Children – Part I

Yes, of course I taught them to say please and thank you, how to suck through a straw and not to wipe their noses on their sleeves. There are so many things we must do to mold those young minds. It’s a huge responsibility. But I believe that the most important thing I taught them

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