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Changing my Mindset

Despite everything going on in the world, this has been a pretty decent year for me.  And if it hasn’t for you, let me share with you the difference and we’ll see if helps you make 2017 a pretty decent one for you. It started with something I’ve been working on professionally.  The point is to

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A Break With Tradition

My father-in-law passed away in March and this is our first Thanksgiving without him. Thanksgiving was “his” holiday.  He loved it above any other (although 4th of July was a close second).  When J and I became “serious” about each other and started spending holidays together, Thanksgiving went to his family and we spent Christmas

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Need to Know: Planning for Kindergarten with a Food Allergy

Earlier this week, Jen blogged about her apprehension toward her son starting kindergarten—a whole eighteen months from now—due to his severe allergy to peanuts, which can trigger a life-threatening condition known as anaphylaxis.  For the uninitiated, an anaphylactic reaction is a true emergency that requires immediate action to save a child’s life, due to its

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