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The importance of pausing

Sometimes it feels like all you do with young kids is run…and run…and run. Other times, they can be the perfect reminders to just slow down. This week, while distractedly rushing through the store, trying to adhere to some arbitrary schedule (we really weren’t crunched for time that day) my daughter literally asked me to

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Maintaining your sanity in one not-too-convenient-and-not-widely-understood step

If you follow the blog, then you know that I’ve confessed before that I drive my daughter around town every day to get her to nap. Yep, every day. This is one of my biggest judgement free parenting points – I realize that this doesn’t work for so many parents; I’ve been told before that

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True confession: Breastfeeding was my best parenting tool

While I never imagined I would have nursed my daughter until she was over the age of two and a half, breastfeeding ended up being the best parenting tool in my arsenal and the one I reached for more than any other. Yep, I milked our breastfeeding relationship for all it was worth (pun intended).

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