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Surviving the Holidays with Young Children

With Thanksgiving coming up in 1 short week, it is official: the holidays are upon us.  And with that, mothers everywhere are looking forward to peaceful, relaxing, days filled with nothing but pleasantries, delicious food, and good holiday cheer. Ha! [credit] More like wrestling overtired and highly sugared children out of their stained t-shirts and into something moderately presentable before schlepping

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Dealing with anxiety – for good.

I’ve always considered myself to be someone with a higher than average level of anxiety. I’ve tried pretty much every suggested solution to calm my anxiety including anti-anxiety medication (which never really worked), working on my anxiety with a psychologist (who rocks but I still struggle), increasing exercise, limiting caffeine and sugar – you name it,

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Mommy mantra

I have a mommy mantra. You know, that little pep talk you give yourself to stay centered and, well, sane. What’s the mantra I hear in my head throughout the day? Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention, Christa! This short phrase snaps me out of my day dreaming and dilly-dallying. It keeps me in the moment

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