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Thrifty Thursday: A Birthday Trip to Oz

If I could, I would be a professional children’s birthday party planner. I love having the chance to create something fun and magical for my daughters’ birthdays (with help from my friend Pinterest, of course)! Although I usually end up with about a million ideas (give or take a few), I simply do not have a budget that

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Thrifty Thursday: Party Like a Rock Star! (Part II)

If you missed Part I you can check it out here. Don’t worry, I’ll wait! Last month we celebrated my daughter’s third birthday. As of yet, I have found this to be the most exciting age for throwing a birthday party. It’s the first year she was really looking forward to celebrating with friends and

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Thrifty Thursday: Party Like a Rock Star! (Part 1)

I….LOVE….CELEBRATING…BIRTHDAYS! Mine, my family members’, my friends’…It’s the one day of the year that is all about YOU! My little Emma hasn’t had the opportunity to celebrate her first birthday yet (it’s coming up in May) but my daughter Caroline’s third birthday is rapidly approaching. I’m currently in the midst of lots of birthday party planning (but I will fill

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