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The Language Barrier

These days, most of my time is divided between wishing my toddler would talk more, and silently willing nearly everyone else to shut the f*ck up.  You see, my beautiful, bright, sweet little boy has a speech delay – which, while both common and curable, is not without its own set of trials and tribulations. 

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The Age of Frustration

The first few years of a child’s life are generally associated with fresh little nicknames: Terrible Twos, Threenagers, Effing Fours. But somewhere between those threes and those fours lies a dark, dark place confusing stage. All I can do is sit back and watch while this sweet little girl in a tutu is trying to figure

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Communicating with my Spouse: “I’m sorry, WHAT?! I can’t hear you!”

My wife and I share “that look” across the kitchen.  You know the one, the one that says “I’m sorry, were you talking?  I’m not sure, I can’t hear you over… EVERYTHING!”  That look.  Do we resign ourselves to yet another unfinished conversation, or insist, again, on some respect for the fact that every now and again

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Practicing Patience

“I don’t have patience,” was my retort when my spouse and I would talk about having children.  I wanted children, dearly.  I was simply afraid that I would irreversibly screw them up in a way years of therapy couldn’t fix.  I started my children’s “therapy fund” before they were born, and long before the college fund. 

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6 Things I Learned as a Parent This Week

1.  When your toddler rips your earring from your ear during a screamy tantrum in her car seat, it’s incredibly hard to distinguish the difference between a dried-up raisin and your lost earring back on the floor of the car. Especially when the only time you have to look for said earring back is after

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