Searching for Peace

Peace. Calm. Quiet. Stillness. Tranquility. Harmony. None of these words apply to me lately. It’s been more like: Noise. Chaos. Disturbance. Dare I say, hullabaloo. I love the idea of being a peaceful parent, a peaceful person. Truth be told, I just can’t seem to find the peace this week. (Well, maybe longer.) Take this… Read More Searching for Peace

Hiding Places

Hey, everyone loves their family. Of course they do. Spending time with my own family after a long day at work is the best. Knowing that the weekend is approaching gets me all jazzed up. Climbing into some cozy clothes and catching up with each other is awesome. But you know what else is awesome?… Read More Hiding Places

Wisdom Wednesday

“You cannot tell me you’re bored!” Encouraging True “Free Play” A few weeks back, I wrote about the importance of true free play…play that is completely child-driven and free from any directions from grown-ups. This is the kind of play that happens when kids are left to create their own fun, and incidentally, this kind… Read More Wisdom Wednesday