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DIY Project: Create Your Own Photo Canvas

How many times do you find yourself thumbing through pictures on your cell phone, camera, or computer and thinking about how you would love to actually do something with them? Are you looking for inexpensive, yet creative, ways to add some décor to your home? Do you love the look of those photo canvases but

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Picture Perfect: 6 Tips For Photographing Your Kids

I love taking pictures. It’s sort of an obsession a hobby of mine and I’m rarely without a camera. There’s just something about capturing those special moments, big and small, in a photograph that really just tickles my fancy. I always enjoy the reminiscing that occurs while digging through old photographs. This is especially true now that I have

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Confession: I Feel Sorry For My Youngest

Before I had kids, I remember hearing mothers mention how they had so many more pictures of their first child than any of their other children. Not only that, but their firstborn’s baby books would be chock full of details – when they first began eating solid food, when that beloved first tooth poked through the gums, what their

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