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Play Date Pursuit: 5 Missteps to Avoid

When you’re a mama to an only, particularly one with a diagnosis for which social deficits go hand-in-hand, it’s easy to become a bit obsessed with scheduling time for him to hang with friends. Martin Luther King Jr. Day–that one January school holiday and a day when my office is closed–has been a great day

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Entering the Land of Unsupervised Play Dates

Alternate Title: How to ask if there is a gun in the house. We had a very exciting development in our world this week.  We discovered that my son’s best friend from his 2nd grade class lives 2 houses down from us!  Apparently their family moved in at some point this summer, but it wasn’t

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Rules for Play Dates: A Child’s Guide to Good Etiquitte

As the parent of a singleton, I’m used to having a lot of “A’s” friends over for extended periods of time. Generally, I’m pretty lax – the kids can do whatever they like (within reason) – build forts with the sofa cushions and throw pillows, have a Nerf gun war, dump Lego pieces all over

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