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9 Reasons You’re a Good Mother

1.  You think you’re not.  You are convinced you’re doing it all wrong.  You try different parenting techniques and regardless of whether they are effective or not, you still question them.  You’re inconsistent.  You worry about every miniscule detail, both physically and emotionally. Your child doesn’t eat healthy enough, watches too much TV, gets too

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Don't Forget Your Tool Box

I’m big on metaphors.  I think they can be useful for putting emotionally-charged topics into perspective.  One metaphor I find myself going back to frequently is my ‘parenting toolbox’.  That mental space in which I keep my various parenting tricks and strategies. This metaphor probably feels very natural to me because 99% of the time I am reaching

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Our Words Become Their Inner Voice

A friend of mine recently posted this article, 64 Positive Things to Say to Your Child.  The article is pretty good.  It may not be earth-shattering or even “new news”, but as a flawed and imperfect parent, the reminder is helpful.  Yet, what brought me to pause was the tagline beneath her post: “Because our

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