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Beautiful Coincidences

When you really stop to think about life, it is filled with so many coincidences, chance meetings, unexpected connections. Or, if you’re like me, you may feel like they aren’t coincidences at all. Maybe, instead, it’s actually fate and that they actually happen for a reason. Perhaps they have a greater purpose than we realize at the time.

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My Postpartum Depression Story – Emerging on the Other Side

It’s been almost four years since that June morning and I am no longer depressed.  I have a second son now and didn’t have postpartum depression with him.  I have since bonded with and love both of my boys more than anything in my life.  My bond is strong and secure with my sons.   

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Postpartum Recovery: The Elusive Fourth Trimester

Just recently, I was finally able to finish reading the book, The Red Tent after starting and stopping it several times. Must have had something to do with having a child and working full-time. Anyway, part of the book documents what life was like after women gave birth in ancient times. Apparently, they were waited

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