Tag: power struggles

Dear Hurting Child

My Sweet Child, We are finding ourselves once again in a familiar dance. The catalyst being the bruising of your tender places and the grand finale undoubtedly containing quite the bang. When you were young, I would sit in the middle of your room as you spiraled and raged around me. Silent and still, just sitting…waiting.

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Don't Forget Your Tool Box

I’m big on metaphors.  I think they can be useful for putting emotionally-charged topics into perspective.  One metaphor I find myself going back to frequently is my ‘parenting toolbox’.  That mental space in which I keep my various parenting tricks and strategies. This metaphor probably feels very natural to me because 99% of the time I am reaching

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I Hate You. I Want a Glass of Milk. Throw My Sister in the Trash.

Sometimes being a mom feels so good. There are so many great hugs and kisses. There are so many kind words. There are even tender moments between siblings every once in a while too. Sometimes being a mom is so tough. I feel so totally out of control right now. There are so many things

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